Argan Oil for Expecting Moms: Help Prevent Belly Stretch Marks

With many of our friends recently announcing their pregnancies, we thought it was appropriate to discuss the benefits of using argan oil as a way to help prevent and minimize stretch marks.  During this delicate and trying period for expecting mothers, the skin around their bellies and hips often rapidly stretch to tremendous sizes.  This overwhelming strain on the body can be alleviated by habitually rubbing generous amounts (5-10 drops) of argan oil onto any areas of the skin that are prone to stretching.  We recommend applying argan oil immediately after every shower or any time your skin feels itchy.  Whatever you do, do not scratch your skin - this will only increase the likelihood of getting stretch marks.  Instead, reach for a bottle of argan oil and apply to your heart's content.  Always make sure the area around the belly and hips are properly nourished with argan oil to decrease your chances of getting unsightly stretch marks.  Congratulations if you are with child.  We wish you a beautifully smooth pregnancy!

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