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Caulfield's Counter: My Skin Care Site to Help Men with Their Skin

For a little over a year now I've been maintaining Caulfield's Counter, a site dedicated to "helping dudes with their skin."  Because skin care has been a lifelong passion of mine, I enjoy sharing my experiences of using a variety of grooming products with people who are curious about skin care but don't know where to begin when it comes to choosing the right products.  Just because I created Beta Naturals doesn't mean that I can't try other skin care brands.  In fact, I use Caulfield's Counter to help Beta Naturals develop better products.  Caulfield's Counter is simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate.  The site features product reviews, grooming advice, and how-to videos for the visual learner.  I review everything from facial moisturizers to deodorants.  The reviews are honest and not paid for.  Men, I established Caulfield's Counter to help you build confidence and age more gracefully.  Ladies, please visit Caulfield's Counter if you want to get your guys started on a proper skin care routine using better products.


An Honest Review of Beta Naturals Pure Organic Argan Oil

We're happy whenever we hear about someone enjoying the benefits of using our products for the first time.  Rather than rely on over-hyped marketing to get the word out on Beta Naturals skin care, we prefer to take more of a grassroots approach, letting everyday people like you share your thoughts via word-of-mouth channels such as YouTube, Facebook, beauty blogs, and everyday conversation.  So we felt humbled to receive a mention for Beta Naturals Pure Organic Argan Oil by one of our favorite YouTube beauty bloggers Brunette Beauty Blogger in her most recent video March Beauty Favorites 2012.  Watch the video in its entirety or skip to the 5:45 mark to view the portion featuring our product.


The Birth of Beta

The day has finally come. Beta Naturals is no longer just an idea floating around in my head.  We have a store.  Discover who we are.  Learn about our products.  Connect with us.  We plan on introducing new products as the business grows.  This is just the beginning of what will be a fun and exciting journey.  Please join us for the ride!