About Us

Jerome Gross, Founder Beta NaturalsMy fascination with skin care began at a young age.  As an adolescent who battled acne, I constantly sought solutions to help clear my complexion and boost my self-esteem.  This early fascination transformed into a passion for developing and creating products to help others achieve bright, younger-looking skin.

Beta Naturals is straightforward, uncomplicated, and uncompromised.  Our artisanal skin care products are made in small batches using all-natural ingredients.  We test our blends on ourselves, not on animals.  We constantly seek to improve on our products regardless of how effective we think they might be.  We want you to be completely happy with your Beta Naturals purchase.  All of our products come with a no-questions-asked customer satisfaction guarantee.  

With great skin comes great confidence.  Beta Naturals can help you get there. 

Jerome Gross