Argan Oil Reviews

Take a look at what people are saying about Beta Naturals 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil:


"I have tried many different types of Argan oil and definitely feel this is the purest. It's worth it for the quality."
- Sadie (Verified Amazon Review)

"I really appreciate this oil for moisturizing skin. It absorbs quickly and completely, and leaves my skin very soft and smooth, and not at all oily or shiny.  I specifically use it on my neck, and I can see the difference if I skip it.  I also sometimes use it on my cuticles and lips, and carry a tiny bottle with me.  Whether you want to use this oil straight, or add it to the skin or hair products you are already using, it is excellent.  It has little to no odor, and has been consistent across bottles I have received.  This is my third order; the first two were the 1 oz bottles.  I highly recommend Beta Naturals Argan oil.  The quality is worth it."
- Windows Shopper (Verified Amazon Review)

"I use Argan Oil for everything--from moisturizing my face at night to my cuticles to applying it to the damaged ends of my hair before bed at night. It's really lightweight and non greasy if you don't use too much at once, and what's really great is that a little goes a very long way. It's definitely worth it for the great quality."
- Jordan S. (Verified Amazon Review)

"I have been using this for a few months and my hair feels a lot smoother. Its not a miracle oil, but it definitely improves the condition of your hair without leaving residues... I would definitely buy this again and have recommended it to friends and family. It's worth the price, trust me!"
- lululemon (Verified Amazon Review)

"I use this morning and night. It is not heavy, has a very slight pleasant odor, and it is absorbed into the skin quickly.  I will reorder."
- Barbara B. (Verified Amazon Review)

"I've been an argan oil user for years. Hair, face, elbows, feet - I guess you could say it's a head-to-toe product. Beta Naturals Argan Oil is some of the best quality I've found and I've used LOTS of the "famous" lines. There's no odor. Give it a try and remember - a little goes a long way."
Avid Reader (Verified Amazon Review)

"I love this argan oil and have found it to be very versatile. I add a couple of drops to my facial and body lotions which helps improve my dry skin. I use it on a regular basis to smooth fly away hairs, add shine, and combat split ends. I will definitely order Beta Naturals Argan Oil again and would recommend it to others."
Amanda L. (Verified Amazon Review)

"Love this product. Not too greasy, no nasty smell. I put it on my face, hair, all over the body. Absorbed quickly. Recommend to anyone."
Karen M. (Verified Amazon Reivew)

"I've tried quite a few argan oils, including a very popular high end one, and by far this one is my favorite! It's light weight, absorbs quickly, and doesn't leave an oily residue, but still moisturizes the skin. I use this on my body and on my sensitive acne prone skin and I've never reacted to it. I get BHA peels regularly and that can leave my skin dry and flaky, but this definitely helps cut back on those side effects."
KJWheels (Verified Amazon Review)